HESS – A Look At The Links Between Drainage Density And Flood Statistics

First, a numerical simulation is carried out by using a spatially distributed hydrological model so as to focus on how flood statistics change with varying drainage density. The three-stage analysis appears to recommend that a critical value of the drainage density exists for which a minimum is attained in both the coefficient of variation and the absolute value of the skewness coefficient. The investigation is carried out by means of a 3-stage analysis. Such minima in the flood statistics correspond to a minimal of the flood quantile for a given exceedance likelihood (i.e., recurrence interval). Third, real world data from 44 watersheds situated in northern Italy were analysed. Second, a conceptual hydrological mannequin is used so as to analytically derive the dependence of flood statistics on drainage density. Therefore, the outcomes of this examine may provide useful indications for flood threat evaluation in ungauged basins. Abstract. We investigate the links between the drainage density of a river basin and chosen flood statistics, specifically, imply, standard deviation, coefficient of variation and coefficient of skewness of annual maximum series of peak flows.

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